Yellow Gingham Scuba

Yellow Gingham Scuba

By Florence Fisher

 My name is Florence Fisher, also known as “Crafty Little Stitch”. I am a self-taught clothes-maker who is loving working with the fabrics Fabric Styles have to offer. My most recent make had me using the Yellow Gingham Scuba fabric to make myself a bright, bold summer dress as seen below. This review will provide some insight into the aesthetics and practical use of this fabric.

Fabric can be seen here:

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This fabric is a beautiful lemon yellow mixed with white in a delightful gingham pattern. The outer side of the fabric is printed with the gingham pattern, while the inner is a plain white. This is great as it means that a lining is not required for this fabric. Wearing this fabric was like wearing a little piece of sunshine! Perfect to brighten up any wardrobe. 



I was initially unsure about how well this fabric would drape being slightly thicker, but in fact it worked perfectly for the dress skirt as you can see in the pictures – it drapes and flows beautifully! The thickness was just right to not be see through, while still being lightweight and comfortable. The fabric is soft with a slight stretch which allows for a comfortable fit and no need for any additionally lining. I wore this dress during our recent hot weather (30°C heat) and found it to be surprisingly cool despite its slight thickness. Scuba is a versatile fabric and would lend itself to a more fitted garment too, such as trousers or a pencil skirt.




Being slightly stretchy, a stretch needle is useful for this fabric. However, without having a stretch needle in my possession along with the Scuba’s relative thickness, I was able to use a straight stitch while maintaining enough give to allow me to put the dress on overhead. I used pastel yellow thread to construct this dress as it allowed for a more discrete top stitch, but white would work just as well. You could also get inventive and use a bolder colour for top stitching to give additional effect. A huge benefit of this Scuba fabric is that it does not fray when sewing so there is no need to hem or finish the seams. All that is needed is a smooth professional cut for the hem, which is perfect to save on some thread!


This Yellow Gingham Scuba fabric is brilliant to work with and will bring a little bit of sunshine to your wardrobe – highly recommended!


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